SPL 2009 Final version instructions (CLOSED)


1. Update your paper addressing referee's comments and conference format.

2. Check your pdf using the http://www.pdf-express.org/ and forward the corresponding e-mail with the PASS status to the Financial and Publicity Chair: Maximiliam Luppe.

3. Upload the manuscript to OpenConf, as soon as possible, no later than January 26th 2009.

4. Fill (not necessary for Designer Forum papers), sign, and send the IEEE copyright form by Fax or a scanned version by email to: Maximiliam Luppe

5. If the reviewers have made comments about the English usage, the authors should consider the revision of the paper by a native English speaker.

For detailed information see below.

All (authors and other attendees):

6. Fill the corresponding registration form available in Registration.

7. Fax or send a scanned version of the registration form by email before January 26th 2009.

Detailed Instructions

A) Requirements on and checking of submitted PDFs

A new IEEE requirement, introduced in 2005, aims to prevent printing mishaps and to ensure that your paper can be correctly imported into the IEEE Xplore database. To this end, your PDFs must follow the conventions described in:


(PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore)

When generating your final PDF, please make sure that you have used the correct settings outlined in that document. To enable you to verify the conformance of the generated file, we have obtained conference-wide access to the IEEE PDF checking service eXpress.

You can access eXpress via the URL: http://www.pdf-express.org/

and begin by creating a new personal account using your e-mail address, a password and the conference ID: SPL09 (to be confirmed)

Then, follow the instructions accessible using the left sidebar ('Using IEEE PDF eXpress') to proceed. In general, you will make an entry for your paper using the 'Create New Title' button, and then upload your PDF for checking. After a while, the status of your submission (visible on the starting page of your account) will change to indicate whether the file passed or whether errors were detected. In the latter case, a comprehensive report can be retrieved ('PDF Check report') that documents individual problems and also gives advice on how to resolve them ('get solutions').

If you are unable to generate a correct PDF on your own, you can also use the service in an alternate mode that accepts the source files of your submission and creates at conformant PDF itself. This capability is supported for

  • Microsoft Word

  • WordPerfect

  • Rich Text Format

  • Freelance

  • (La)TeX (A DVI and supported image files must be included in a compressed archive)

  • PageMaker (images should not be embedded, included with main file in a compressed archive)

  • FrameMaker

  • Word Pro

  • Quark (*.qxd and images files must be included in a compressed archive)

and described further in the item 'Preparing Source Files for Conversion to PDF' in the left side bar.

All questions with regard to eXpress must be addressed to the IEEE at pdfsupport@ieee.org not to the SPL'09 organizers.

Further documentation on the general task of preparing quality PDFs is available on the eXpress site and under the following URLs:



But remember to adhere to the SPL-specific layout and typography requirements described in http://www.splconf.org/spl09/Downloads_arquivos/Guidelines.pdf

IMPORTANT: We can only accept final submissions that have passed an eXpress check without any errors. We are also not responsible for correcting errors in your submitted files. Please, do not attempt to upload PDFs into OpenConf that have not been verified using eXpress.

B) Upload of final manuscript after checking to the OpenConf Management System

The deadline for submitting the final manuscript is January 26th, 2009

Last Update January 2nd, 2009